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Jack has entertained audiences and shared the gospel across the USA and Europe, in concerts, at festivals, ranches, churches, and around the campfire.

  • Jack has had the privilege of leading cowboy worship services in such diverse settings as:

  • Traditional & Cowboy Churches

  • Cowboy Poetry & Festivals

  • The Red Stegall Gathering, Fort Worth, TX

  • National Cattleman’s Association Meeting and Livestock Shows

Jack says, “We take Cowboy Church wherever people want to worship the cowboy way. We look forward to worshiping with you.”

Jack Blease is a preacher, singer, poet, and story teller who combines his love for the Lord, the West, the Heritage of the Cowboy, traditional music and the joy of Christian Fellowship.

Jack brings a wealth of enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to his presentation of traditional and contemporary cowboy music, gospel songs and poetry and “the preaching of God’s word.” Jack’s performance at churches, festivals, guest ranches and schools is designed to help preserve the heritage of the Western past, and tell the story of the special relationship between the cowboy and his maker.

While doing research on ministry on the frontier, and traditional western music and poetry, Jack discovered that many of the old-time cowboy poets and composers wrote about the cowboy and his Creator. It was a perfect fit and Jack’s cowboy ministry was born.

About Jack Blease


“My Bible is my song book, the songs I sing and the poems and stories I share are apart of me. They are about where we’ve been and where we’re going. They’re about saints, sinners and a dozen other people. Maybe they say a little about you too. That’s my wish.”

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