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Prayer Posse

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Christmas is over and the new year is right around the corner. Now mind you, I LOVE Christmas and the holidays but I'm very ready to be done and get back to my normal routine. With the new year approaching, I feel the need to be better than my last year's normal. Make a resolution? I guess, but many times those resolutions are broken in very short order. A new year, a new start.....correct? Aren't we glad God doesn't need a new year to love us? God's love for us is constant. God doesn't love you more yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Resolutions and change can be good, but don't change for you. Make a positive change that honors God. 


Lifting one another up in prayer is one of the richest experiences we can share.  Together, we are strengthened and blessed. When we pray together, not only does it open your heart to the needs of others but it also shows the body of Christ working together and submitting to the will of God.  Please remember there is no concern or joy too small for prayer. We will use only your first name and what you are needing prayer for if you choose to disclose that. There is power in prayer! Have a blessed week.


Prayer List for this Week:

Stephen - Prayers for healing for Bonnie, Hap, Kennedy, and Billy. Also, Caroline who has been fighting an aggressive cancer

Patti - prayers for her brother Richard who is battling multiple health issues. He went for a Leukemia test on the 23rd and is awaiting the results.

Sylvia - prayers for her daughter Caroline who is having severe depression, and her grandson Maui who is autistic. He is not independent and cannot speak

Darryl - Complete healing prayers for his friend Tia who is fighting Covid.

Debbie T - please pray for her niece Gina is fighting cancerous brain tumors and Danna who is fighting an infection that could be life threatening 

Lisa - is battling severe allergies. Please pray for healing and comfort. 

Karen -  prayers for her husband Bob that is suffering from issues with his legs worsened by his diabetes. Prayers for Karen also, as she is Bob's caregiver and has health issues herself  

Candy C - prayers for her cousin Diane who is dealing with the residual effects of a stroke and relief from seizures. 

Pat - is requesting prayer that her insurance company will pay for the much needed treatment for her skin cancer. 

Dennis -  prayers for his wife Wendy who is battling cancer. She now has a port attached to begin treatment.

Karl -  is still retaining fluid in his legs causing blistering and leaking. Please pray for healing

Bonnie - very stressed and needing prayers of comfort

Candy W -  just returned home from the hospital after gallbladder surgery. Please pray for comfort and healing.

Jerry - is recovering from back surgery and is having a difficult time. He has now gone for a second opinion. Please pray for healing and for his wife Sherry who is his caregiver. 

Brenda - Prayers for inner peace

Fred H.- had cancer last year and it attacked his vision and it seems to be getting worse. Prayers for him in this new and difficult chapter in his life

Christina - needs unspoken prayers for her and her children

Jayde - is requesting prayers for her brother Dane who is in need of physical healing

Carol - prayers for her well being

Brian - Please pray for his ministry to service men and women serving our great country on board a submarine

Tammy and Rick - Tammy is still battling multiple health issues.  She is having difficulty taking in nourishment and has been drastically losing weight. Please pray for strength for Tammy and healing.   Prayers for  the doctors taking care of her and also pray for Rick, her husband and caregiver.

Camp St. Christopher - need prayer for financial help. Due to the virus, so much has had to be cancelled and they are praying that the camp will be able to survive. 

Debbie - Is fighting internal melanoma cancer. Please pray for healing and for strength for her family.

Angelia - Prayers for her as she goes to her teaching job each day working in Special Education. 

Our Country  - please pray for our country daily


Joys (Answered Prayers) Thank You Jesus!

Karl - prayers answered! He is down to 2 open sores on his legs (started with 10) 

Pastor Jack - his brother Dave is out of the hospital and back home.

Lisa - the results from the MRI was of a positive nature. 

Karen - is feeling like she is on the road to recovery

Pastor Jack and Dorinda - Thankful for each and everyone of you


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your request to God - Philippians 4:6

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